We believe in providing resources to build and sustain a healthy community.

The J. Marion Sims Foundation is committed to providing resources to our nonprofit organizational partners with a focus on building a healthy community, supporting youth transition to adulthood, and elevating philanthropy.

Responsive Grants are designed to promote collaboration among community partners.

Responsive Grants are structured to be data driven through community engagement, community indicators and evidenced based practices.

Responsive Grants are designed to support programs that focus on positive outcomes and long term impact success within the framework of a healthy community.

Pre-Application Planning

 The Responsive Grant is designed to address community-identified opportunities and need within the framework of a healthy community. You will be asked to provide the following information when you complete the application.

  • Acknowledge Logic Model: Weaving Data into a Story that Moves People to Action workshop attendance.

  • Acknowledge pre-application meeting completion with Program Officer.

  • Acknowledge viewing of the J. Marion Sims Foundation audio-supported “Community Indicators” PowerPoint.

  • Identify (1) or more community indicator areas your proposal is intended to strengthen.

  • Submit a current list of Board of Directors and key staff.

  • Submit a letter of support from your board of directors.

  • Provide documentation from each collaborating partner involved in your proposal, outlining the role of each partner.

  • Describe how your organization determined that this was a community-identified need and/or opportunity.

  • Describe your program resources (inputs), activities (outputs), achievable short-term outcomes and long-term impact goals.

  • Submit completed logic model.

  • Submit recent financial documents.

  • Submit completed Project budget and J. Marion Sims Foundation requested funds forms.

  • Describe the expected long term impact (3-5 years) you expect to achieve with your program.

  • Describe sustainability efforts.

Application Information

Responsive Grant applications are not due at this time. 


We envision the communities we serve as places where all people join together to build on community assets for current and future generations, and where all people have the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


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